The entrance of reichelt elektronik in Italian market


Reichelt elektronik, one of the largest European online distributors of electronics and IT technologies, announced its entry into Italy with the opening of the ecommerce channel and a customer service in Italian.

The online shopping site offers over 110,000 products in the catalog, including electrical and electronic components, measuring instruments, smart home items, development boards, single board computers, power supplies, lighting systems, PCs and a wide range of information technology and consumer electronics. Italian consumers and companies will be able to buy online in a simple, safe and convenient way. The operation strengthens the expansion of the international reichelt business.


Ulf Timmermann, CEO of reichelt elektronik

In recent years reichelt elektronik has extended its presence on the global market by making the its offer through purchase channels in six languages, four currencies and shipping services in 128 countries all over the world. The company is now a leading player in the European distribution sector. “We are very pleased to announce the launch of our online store in Italian,” said Ulf Timmermann, CEO of reichelt elektronik. “In recent years, thanks to some partnerships, we have succeeded to create a good business relationship with Italy, now our goal is to work for strengthen and expand existing relationships. Our intent is to grow fast in the strategic segments of reichelt elektronik, which include active, passive and mechanical components, cards for developers like Raspberry Pi, lighting products and smart technology, power supplies, measurement technologies, IT tools and components. The RND mark – owned by the our holding company Dätwyler Group and distributed by our subsidiaries Distrelec and Nedis, as well as by us – plays a key role in our strategy thanks to features such as high quality components electronic and a reasonable price “.

E-commerce and competence center in language

Thanks to the significant experience gained in international markets such as France, Holland, Poland and United Kingdom, reichelt elektronik knows exactly what is essential to succeed even in Italian market: “As we know, the passion for electronic engineering and technology is expressed in a universal language, but it is very important to offer consumers a good shopping experience, a starting from an e-commerce channel and a competence center both in Italian, which guarantee better advice and the ability to resolve any problems more easily” The vision of the reichelt service involves product management and technical support by call center, explains Ulf Timmermann: “For our product managers and our technical support the motto is “Walk the Talk”. In fact, we offer products chosen personally by our consumers. Furthermore, both product manager and support technicians are experts in the various technologies and for this they are able to supply the best possible products to our customers, as well as excellent advice”.