HA03_P&C_FUSITAdels Contact GmbH, German leader in the production of terminal boards and connection systems, launches on the market an exclusive distribution system for the series connection of Led spotlights. TerminaLed is a distribution system with IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) connection with insulation perforation, with three IN-LED-OUT ways, which does not need any tool. The easy connection of wires results in a notable reduction of the wiring times of Leds Spots and in a notable saving of materials. It will be sufficient to connect the Driver to the spotlight by means of TerminaLed, from this to the second spotlight, then to the third and so on until the last spotlight of the series. In comparison with the traditional connection methods of Leds spotlights, which provide for the use of cables with predefined length, assembled with male-female connectors to distributors, the new terminaLed by Adels Contact is extremely advantageous for the connection speed, flexibility and cheapness.

TerminaLed is an ideal distribution system for applications like kitchen and bathroom furniture, cabinets, displays, showcases and everything else that can provide for the need of connecting one another, in fast and reliable way, more Led spotlights in series. TerminaLed has compact sizes (Ø 35mm, H 11mm), accepts 0.34 mm2-0.50 mm2 conductors and has 6A reach at 48Vac/60Vdc. Distributed by Fusit.

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