Control unit for leak tests up to 16 bars


HA04_SCHREINERSchreiner Testing, for over 30 years specialized in the production of leak and flow rate testing systems, presents the new LPC 850 DI-16 control unit , for leak tests up to 16 bars, with differential sensor.

The new instrument is equipped with a very precise and sturdy differential pressure sensor, which allows carrying out leak tests with measurement of differential pressure drop down to 16 bars, with resolution of 1 Pa.

The LPC 850 central unit couples the new sensor with all the consolidated characteristics of Schreiner instruments, that’s to say the integrated digital pressure regulator, the simple and intuitive interface, the several connection possibilities (serial, USB, profibus, Ethernet, PLC); it can therefore be used both in manual testing stations and integrated into automatic testing benches.

The new LPC 850 DI-16 model is the ideal instrument in all the applications requiring fast and precise leak testing, with pressure exceeding 10 bars: valves, cylinders, collectors and so on.