Panasonic launched the Bamboo Plant Opal Loudspeaker


Panasonic Corporation has developed a loudspeaker using a diaphragm that is made with plant opals in bamboo leaves to improve sound quality. The new Bamboo Plant Opal Loudspeaker can deliver according to the original sound by reproducing clear sound with low distortion, thanks to the use of the hard, plant opal materials occurring in bamboo for the diaphragm. Samples of the new loudspeaker, which is suitable for automotive and home audio systems, are available already from March. Audio loudspeakers need to reproduce high sound quality with low distortion in wide frequencies range for meeting consumer demand. Therefore, loudspeaker diaphragm materials are required lightweight and highly rigidity for improving acoustic velocity as well as preventing unnecessary resonance. Panasonic has satisfied these demands by using diaphragms made of resin containing bamboo fibers and bamboo charcoal. The diaphragm in the new loudspeaker now uses an additional bamboo-derived material – hard, needle-shaped plant opals in bamboo leaves, resulting in according to original sound with clearness and less distortion compared to the company’s existing loudspeakers.