Moulding machines


HA05_P&C_ENEGEL_WEBIn the household appliance manufacturing sector, the moulding of composite metal/plastic materials plays a primary role. To satisfy customers’ demands, Engel has developed a new line of vertical machines called Engel Insert, with clamping force from 25 to 300 tons. This new line of machines stands out for the reduced worktable height (885 mm) and for the possibility of mounting big-diameter rotary tables (1400 or 1600 mm) with  2, 3, 4 stations and 2-station translating tables.

Engel does not offer only the machine, but it proposes also automation systems and peripherals, as well as the supply of complete working isles, like Insert Anlage (see photo), composed by two Engel Insert machines with peripherals and automation systems.