Temperature probes


HA05_P&C_CONTROLControl HPT presents a new range of temperature probes, fully made in Italy, intended for the sector of professional and food cooking ovens.

They are made with excellent quality materials and advanced and innovative assembly techniques.

“Forno” (Oven) probe has a special Kapton cable, Aisi 304 stainless steel tube and platinum sensor, and it is suitable for high temperature machining (max. T 300 °C). It is provided with anti-vibration stainless steel spring and chrome-plated brass joint for the connection to the oven bracket.

“Cuore” (Heart) probe has been devised with a long pin tip (Ø 4 mm), which allows the end-user to reach the “heart” of the product to assess the correct temperature and the right cooking. Special Teflon handle (PTFE), special armoured cable for high temperatures and pin needle made of Aisi 316 make this probe suitable for the alimentary contact and for foods needing long and uniform cooking like bread, meat, fish etc. The working temperature is included between 0 and 260 °C. The type of sensor, the cable and terminal length can be customized upon customers’ demand.