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The installation flexibility on different types of surfaces and the capability of assuring high performances also in complex environmental contexts are two of the top characteristics for the last generation of touch screen devices for household appliances.

Marika Comotti

The control devices based on touch screen technology are customary for contemporaneous household appliances since they allow their fast, simple and intuitive use by users. The application of touch screen devices to appliances installed, or positioned, in environments with particular microclimatic conditions – starting from the more or less intense presence of wetness – opens a range of diversified problems leading sector companies to identify more and more innovative solutions, integrating the response to the need of installation versatility with a sophisticated design in line with the current aesthetical trends. Gitronica, company of Guzzini Group, has worked on this productive ambit by proposing state-of-the-art touch screen technologies, coupled with the production of user interfaces, able not only to grant high use performances in complex environments (presence of water, steam, humidity etcetera), but also great installation flexibility on materials of various kinds.

Hood control and touch interface system
Hood control and touch interface system

Touch screen devices by Gitronica can be installed on several types of household appliances like ovens, hoods, dishwashers, refrigerators, hobs as well as on LED solutions and power supply drivers for the lighting, conditioning and wellness sectors. A simplified approach made possible by the system’s capability of withstanding different environmental conditions (temperature, wetness, water and filth presence) and on all kinds of material surfaces.

The possible application on different types of materials, and no more simply on purposely dedicated panels or displays, paves the way to innovative uses for design products with high added value. The touch screen technology can be used on plastic, glass and wood surfaces and others, thus contributing in the improvement of the finished product design on which this technology will be applied, without forgetting the higher safety of the product itself and the more strictly practical advantages like also the better cleaning simplicity of the surfaces on which the panel is installed.

Control unit and touch interface system for  air conditioners.
Control unit and touch interface system for air conditioners.

Gitronica’s proprietary technology for touch screen systems uses system software allowing higher operation reliability than standard capacitive interfaces.

The machining of pluri-material plastic stuffs for the implementation of touch screen control systems allows integrating, in a single working and implementation process, layers of materials with different characteristics. The result is a simplification of the physical structure of the interface that allows obtaining high functional and aesthetical results of the finished product.

Unit power for household appliances
Unit power for household appliances

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