Takeovers in the component world


HA_NL_15_6_KONTEKThe Group Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH, leader company in the sector of electronic and electromechanical components, on May 21st 2014 signed the takeover contract of the Italian company, Stelvio Kontek SpA, connector manufacturer headquartered at Oggiono (Lc). With this takeover, the Group Würth Elektronik eiSos intends to expand further its international activities in the connector world. The Group operates in 50 Countries, with 13 production factories in the main international markets. The managing directors Oliver Konz and Thomas Schrott comment: “With the takeover of Stelvio Kontek, the Group Würth Elektronik eiSos seizes the opportunity of integrating inside its structure a company highly specialized in electromechanical and connection components, widening productive capacities and product ranges in the  connector” market. The product portfolio by Stelvio Kontek ranges from extractable to fixed connectors, card-cable connectors, I/O connectors, flexible broadband cables, fuse holders and reed sensors.

Stelvio Kontek SpA was born from the merging of two companies: Stelvio that was founded in 1946 and Kontek in 1984, which thanks to their incorporation in 2009 create a specialized company that employs 380 people and that in 2013 reached a turnover of 21 million Euros. The headquarters are located at Oggiono (LC), in Lombardy. Besides, Stelvio Kontek can rely on design and production factories at Tab (Hungary), Blaj (Romania) and Santeny (France).Besides being ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certified, the enterprise can boast some product lines certified by the most important national and international certification institutes like IMQ, UL, VDE. “For the Stelvio Kontek Group, the sale to Würth Elektronik eiSos represents a warranty of safe and dynamic development “, states the managing director of Stelvio Kontek, Marco Crippa.