Versionable cartridge fitting ad connections


RPERpe has developed a new versionable cartridge fitting with a wide possibility of connections, high flexibility and configuration customization. Rpe proposes a wide range of fittings and connections to meet better and better the configuration and customization requirements of customers’ systems, in different application sectors.

The new fitting is defined versionable because it is possible to insert some John Guest (JG) cartridges of various sizes both in input and output, thus increasing the connection possibilities. Besides, it is equipped with new hose-clamp bush for JG tubes of sizes minor or equal to 8 mm, in order to grant stability to the fixing of the pipe itself. It is possible to insert some flow-rate reduction gears of various sizes, available in the range offered by Rpe, into the body of the new versionable cartridge fitting. Like all Rpe products, the new versionable cartridge fitting is 100% made in Italy.