New Fermapor K31 -A-45C4-2-UL-FR


SONDERHOFFThe new bi-component polyurethane system Fermapor K31-A-45C4-2-UL-FR Sonderhoff complies with UL 94 HF-1 requisites, US standard concerning the fire protection, and it has been catalogued as “UL-recognised”. That fireproof system can be used for the sealing of electrical cabinets and electrical housings made of metal or plastic, in environments where the severe US regulations of protection against fires are applied.

With its “UL HF-1” classification, Fermapor K31-A-45C4-2-UL-FR has reached the highest protection category against the fires caused by polyurethane foams. Besides, that material is classified UL50E, specifications concerning electrical cabinets and electronic housings in non-explosion proof areas, and UL508, standard relating to the electrical appliance safety.