Half century of connection products


From the simple production of pliers for wire terminal and crimping machines to the supply of all kinds of products for electrical connections. A productive course that has developed in fifty years, through which today the Padua company Inarca ranks among the protagonists of this field on a world scale.


Inarca is a highly renowned and appreciated company at Vigodarzere, a small Padua village. Besides, the enterprise, specialized in products for electrical connections (especially for household appliances) is as known, and in this case valued, in the rest of the world, considering that it exports more than 55% of its production of terminals, connectors, technologies and electrical connection machines. A rigorously family-owned reality, still today managed with determination by the spouses who established it, Gianni Piovesan (the President, as all simply call him) and his wife Franca Vettore, in collaboration with their daughters Michela and Nicoletta and the respective husbands.

A usual entrepreneurial history in the Italian North East, with a limited initial production of pliers for wire terminals and crimping machines that has progressively widened to components for electrical connections without welding. Inarca has always focused on innovation and on investments in new production lines. An example? In the Eighties, after choosing electrical connection without welding as main core product, Inarca invested in the in-house moulding of plastic materials. A qualitative leap and a growth and consolidation strategy allowing it still today to face successfully a complex market and not to slow down investments in the research and development ambit, too. Investments that have resulted, just to make an example, in insulation displacement connections INAR-IDC RAST. This connection typology sprang from the need of further reducing errors in crimping phase and product costs, automating the connection operation between cable and terminal and the polarization of connectors. With this technology, the preventive insulation removal is no more necessary, considering that this occurs during the wire insertion inside the terminal wings.


Great party to celebrate 50 years


Last Friday, 12th September, they organized a great party to celebrate their first fifty years of activity. But they did it in their own way: inviting to a dinner that had the atmosphere of a wedding party (fireworks, music, entertainments for adults and children …) employees and friends, more than customers and suppliers. The extended family of Inarca, in other words. A fine book entitled “Fifty years of Inarca” has been dedicated to it, showing, one by one, all the employees of the Padua company and the members of the family operating in the production departments. Photos interspersed by quotes from a book much loved by Piovesan family, “The Monkey’s wrench” by Primo Levi. Levi’s quote that opens the volume is significant: “If we exclude single prodigious instants that destiny can give us, loving one’s own job (which is unfortunately the privilege of few) constitutes the best concrete approximation to happiness on earth: but this is a truth that only few know”.