Vampamid 66 33028 V0 HF


Close up of a washing machineFor the companies that look at the future with innovative spirit and attention to the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), Vamp Tech has developed Vampamid 66 3028 V0 HF, PA66 reinforced with glass fibre, with flame-retardant additives, halogen-free and innovative compared to the current market offer.

Besides being UL94-V0 certified at 0.4 mm with operation temperature in continuous of 140 °C (RTI), Vampamid 66 3028 V0 HF grants a GWIT (Glow Wire Ignition Temperature) that exceeds 775 °C without flame, as reported on the yellow UL sheet of the product. Besides, the use of Vampamid 66 3028 V0 HF grants a significant saving compared to PA66 with halogens, thanks to a more competitive price and minor density.

This material is highly suitable for being used in the household appliance sector.