STMicroelectronics has launched a new proximity sensor


STMicroelectronics has presented a new highly accurate optical range-finding module based on FlightSense Time-of-Flight technologystmicroelectronics that offers designers superior distance-measurement capability. This product can be applied in white goods, mobile phones and industrial applications. ST’s FlightSense technology brings advantages versus conventional infrared sensors, measuring longer ranges that are independent of the target reflectivity, at high frame rate and low power. The VL6180X module combines FlightSense proximity sensing with an ambient-light sensor (ALS) and supports basic gesture recognition to simplify the user-interface design while also offering enhanced performance. “Among the companies operating in the fields of the appliances, consumer electronics and Tlc – explains an official note of ST – LG already utilizes the FlightSense technology to assist the laser auto-focus performance of its G3 smartphone”. Designers can discover all the possibilities of ST’s latest proximity-sensor module with the newly introduced VL6180X Explorer evaluation kit. The kit not only allows the customer to quickly get started with FlightSense technology, but also supports the development of applications in a real device. It combines a USB-pluggable STM32Nucleo board and VL6180X sensor shield containing the sensor, a 4-digit LED display, and a slider switch to control the ranging and ALS functions. The display shows either the distance to the target or the ambient light level.