Fewer TV sets for Italians


HA_NL_15_12_TVFacts are clear: in Italy, the number of TV set sales shows a significant decrease. The datum is highlighted by the analyses carried out by Confindustria branch that takes care of household appliances, Anitec: in 2010 we purchased 7.2 million TV sets while sales forecasts for 2014 stop at 4.6 millions: 2.6 million less of TV sets on yearly basis. The Anitec Vice-President, Claudio Lamperti, explains the reason: “The decrease is physiological and is due to the switch off. Consumers have changed all of their “appliance fleet” and now numbers are getting normal again”. Therefore, Italians do not watch less television but they have simply changed the instruments on which they follow programmes, thanks to Oled screens, the ultra HD and the various, mobile and fixed, devices enabled to the broadcasting of television programmes. Besides, this is not true for Italians only: also in England, for instance, in 2014 they sold about 500,000 devices less.