Dyson: new investments in R&D


james dysonDyson invests £1.5 billion into research and development to create future products, including funding for a campus at the Dyson UK headquarters in Malmesbury which will create up to 3,000 jobs. As reported by The Guardian, the company has planned to donate £50 million for an external research programme with British universities and £200 million to expand on an anticipated surge in manufacturing in south-east Asia. Dyson plans to launch 100 new electrical products over the next four years. The founder, Sir James Dyson (in the picture), said: “Our growth is fuelled by technology and we are thinking long term – 90% of our technology is sold abroad, we’re quickly growing across Asia, and it’s phenomenal to think that we are now number one in the home of technology: Japan. It is like selling coal to Newcastle. But we must relentlessly invent – that’s why we are investing in our research footprint here in the UK and investing in our manufacturing capabilities in south-east Asia”.