Guide assembly plant


HA01_P&C_COSBERGThe assembly plant for drawer guides recently implemented by Cosberg is essentially composed by a free-pallet line with various workstations, connected with rotary tables that assemble some sub-groups and the presses for the profile machining.

Each workstation of the free pallet line is dedicated to the feeding, selection, orientation and loading of a part that will gradually compose the drawer guide. The linear feeders based on MOXMEC technology grant better efficiency and energy saving, while the circular feeders are equipped with sensors for the automatic load compensation.

Profiles are instead directly unloaded from presses and loaded on belts that convey the parts to the assembly line.

The free pallet line is characterized by pallets with smart coding. Besides, they are “universal” since they permit to manage automatically, without changeovers, all product variants.

Also the plant set up occurs automatically thanks to the presence of 30 servo-controlled axes that allow, by typing in the code of the product to be assembled, the correct and immediate repositioning of workstations. Besides, a system of poka-yoke controls grants the assembly of the components referred to the pre-defined model, both those coming from presses and from the rotary tables that pre-assemble the sub-groups and parts eventually loaded manually.