Adjustable cartridge with double check valve 


HA05_P&C_RPERpe achieves the VDE certification on the adjustable cartridge in the variant with double check valve, in input and in output (item code F31430ZZ). The VDE certification refers to the EN 61770 (VDE 0700-600):2010-05; EN 61770:2009; IEC 61770:2008 regulation that rules the anti-return devices and systems of dirty waters.

Very compact and able to resist up to 10 bars, the adjustable cartridge is suitable for several application fields: from coffee machines to filtering systems and up to dishwashers and glass washers. With the term “adjustable” we refer to the possibility for customers of adapting the cartridge to their need, through the choice of hydraulic connections (JG8 or JG10) or of reduction gears of output flow rate (more than 10 different typologies, each characterized by a colour that immediately identifies their flow rate, visible colour thanks to the transparent cartridge body). The new adjustable cartridge, like all Rpe products, is 100% made in Italy, too.