Eight million connected objects in Italy in 2014


BackgroundAccording to a research conducted by the School of Management of Polytechnic of Milan, in 2014 the objects connected via cellular network were 8 million in Italy (+ 33% compared to 2013). The market value amounted to 1.15 billion euro (+ 28%). In addition to this, 400 million euro have come from the market based on objects associated with other technologies (such as Wireless M-Bus, WiFi, Mesh Low Power networks , Bluetooth Low Energy). The field of smart home is growing: according to a survey carried out in collaboration with Doxa, the most desired applications are those for safety&security (47% of homeowners) or for energy saving. 46%, in fact, is interested in solutions for the heating management, 33% for the monitoring of energy consumption and 31% for the remote management of the appliances. The interface preferred by users is the App (69%), demonstrating how smartphones and tablets have a key role in creating a bridge between consumers and technology. Potential synergies with the world of wearable are also important: 41% of the homeowners would like to monitor and manage intelligent objects through wearable devices in the future.