Spain: turnover of white goods increased in the first quarter 2015


anfel crescita-Data collected by Anfel (Spanish association of manufacturers and importers of household appliances) show that turnover of Spanish white goods increased by +17.61% in the period January-March 2015 compared to the same quarter of 2014. Considering the performances in units, the market registered +199,695 pieces in Q1 2015, a growth of +14.92% compared to Q1 2014. The trend of the products shows that many cooling appliances registered an increase greater than 20% in the first quarter of the year (units) compared to the same period of 2014: 1 door refrigerators +26.28%, double door refrigerators +23.19%, side-by-side appliances +28.29%, combined fridges +27.92% and vertical freezers +20.02%. Also the top loading washers grew more than 20%, while the front loading washing machines reached +14.37%. Besides, dishwashers and dryers registered good performances (+16.40% and +20.92%). Considering the cooking segment, kitchens saw a fall of -1.76%, while ovens and vitroceramic and induction hobs increased by +6.18%, +13.90% and +9.97% respectively. Finally, hoods grew by 12.33%.