Growing semiconductors


SEMICONDUAccording to the data about the sales of semiconductors, monthly diffused by the Wsts agency, in the first 2015 quarter they sold in the world semiconductors for an overall value of 84 billion US dollars, with a 6.0% increment versus the corresponding 2014-period.

The trend was as always different in the 4 areas into which our planet is conventionally divided. Leader are Americas with a 14.2% growth, followed by Asia Pacific with the 8.2% rise. In the ambit of this area, China (which alone represents 47% of it) anyway scored a 13.3% growth.

Negative instead the trend of Japan with the – 9.6% downturn and of Emea, with – 4.0 %. Evaluating anyway the situation of Europe not in dollars but in Euros, we highlight the 16.8% rise, due to the depreciation of Euro against the US Dollar.