Tightening solution


Fiam has implemented a new solution for the household appliance sector, starting from the customer’s need of integrating 3 workstations into a pre-existing rotary table, which provides for 12 phases for the production of boiler components.

Workstation 1: screw tightening with square washer under flange head with tightening height control (afterwards, in the production line, the operator inserts the ground wire that completes the screwing). The workstation positioned on base plate equipped with pneumatic-electrical plant and PLC is composed by: screw feeding group including vibrating bowl feeder and linear feeder, “pick and place” system for the screw collection and positioning, screwing module composed by a slide with 3 vertical positions housing a pneumatic shutdown tightening motor.

Workstation 2: tightening of M6 screw for the fastening of the boiler resistance on the flange, with 6 Nm torque. The workstation provides for a tightening module with automatic feeding of MCA screws equipped with electric tightening brushless motor with indirect control of the angle torque installed on a double-motion tightening slide. A feeding and control unit TCS-B (E) completes the solution.

Workstation 3: screwing with pneumatic air shutdown tightening motor of a magnesium anode on the resistance cup with 10 Nm torque. The motor is installed on a single-motion slide that provides a perfect approaching of the motor, and then of the tightening head, to the component to be screwed. The tightening is executed from bottom to top and the highly compact sizes of the slide have allowed the full integration of the solution in the lower part of the rotary table.HA06_P&C_FIAM