Innovative processes


liquid_injection_moldingProto Labs, world reference partner in the fast supply of small batches of prototypes and tailor-made parts, has presented the new moulding process of the Liquid Silicone Rubber, LSR, in other words the thermosetting process that mixes a bi-component compound and hot-polymerizes it in the mould trough a platinum catalyser. Liquid silicone rubber parts are the result of an injection moulding process resembling the one used for the standard plastic but with an essential difference: the delivery system of the material is cooled and the mould is simultaneously heated. The liquid silicone rubber features excellent parameters, including high thermal, chemical, electrical resistance and biocompatibility. LSR components withstand the sterilization and maintain their physical properties even at extreme temperatures. The LSR process by Proto Labs is suitable for the production of liquid silicone parts in small batches (generally from 25 to 5,000+ parts, but in some cases even up to 25,000).