Demand for household robots has grown by 1,600%


irobot-roomba-880Consumers are increasingly focusing on artificial intelligence and robotics to manage household chores. According to a recent survey by Idealo (search engine and price comparison platform), one out of ten purchasers in Europe is interested in buying a vacuum cleaner robot while robotic mowers and lawnmowers raise the interest of one out of six consumers. And this despite the still relatively high cost of these appliances. The interest in the purchase of robot vacuum cleaners has more than doubled in the last five years and now accounts for ten percent of the total demand. Even more marked is the tendency in the case of mowers. The propensity to buy, in the case of robot mowers, is about 18 times higher compared to five years ago. This represents an increase of 1,671%. Currently, the robots represent 16% of total demand in the category “mowers and lawnmower” on Idealo.
In addition, the number of online offers for robot vacuum cleaners has increased by 427% – from 33 to 174 products starting from 2010. A similar strong growth is also observed in the segment of the robot mowers. With 145 devices currently available on the Idealo platform, this number is almost five times higher than the number of models available five years ago. The offer is not only larger, but also more various. In 2010, iRobot and Samsung were the leading brands in the field of robot vacuum cleaners. Now the market is populated by many other manufacturers, including brands such as LG or Vorwerk. However, it is to be noted that iRobot continues to produce most of the models currently on the market (50%). As for the robot mowers, the offer is distributed more evenly between Husqvarna, Gardena, Bosch and Robomow. Especially the first one has been able to expand, in recent years, its market share in the segment of domestic robots up to 31%.