GfK Temax France: the market of small domestic appliances grew by 3.1% in the first quarter


The results of the GfK Temax France study on technical consumer goods showed that the revenue generated was €6.9 billion in the first quarter of 2015 – a decline of 0.2%, compared to Q1 2014. Only two sectors recorded growth in revenue – the telecommunications sector (up by 20.1%) and the small domestic appliances sector (up by 3.1%). The other sectors reported negative results and two of them declined significantly: photography (down by 12.8%) and the office equipment and consumables sector (down by 11.5%).

Major domestic appliances
Volumes increased but this did not compensate for an accelerating decline in the average price. As a result, the market declined by 1%. Washing products continued to grow thanks to the dynamism of heat pump tumble dryers and free-standing dishwashers. There was no value creation in the cooling products and cooking equipment segments, despite an increase in volumes. The bad performance of hobs affected the cooking equipment segment.

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Small domestic appliances
Thanks to the dynamism of the main segments in this sector, the small domestic appliances market increased by 3.1%, compared to Q1 2014. The vacuum cleaners market increased thanks to the hand stick and robotic versions. The personal care products area has been essentially revitalized because of increases in sales of dental care products, intense pulsed light (IPL) products and beard trimmers. The food preparation market continued its growth thanks to cooking robots and liquidizers. Multi-cookers recorded a three-digit growth. The beverages market also increased slightly thanks to hot beverage makers. Linen care was the only segment which reported a decline, due to falls in generators and steam irons.

Consumer electronics
Revenue in the consumer electronics sector decreased by 6%, to reach €1.1 billion. After a good year in 2014 for the television market, Q1 2015 was more troublesome – particularly due to a poor sales period in January. The audio home systems market also suffered, but disparities remain. Home theater systems recorded a dramatic decrease while connected hi-fi systems grew significantly. Soundbars continued to rise but the pace of growth slowed.

The photography sector continued to decline in Q1 2015 – down by 12.8%, compared to the same period last year – despite an increase in the average price. Average prices in two segments – compact cameras and hybrid cameras – increased, the latter by nearly 25%. The premium market now appears to be dominating the sector, a trend that should continue throughout 2015.


Information technology
The IT market decreased by 6.4%, compared to the same period in 2014, and generated less than €1.6 billion. Desktop computers struggled to maintain their market position and recorded a dramatic decrease. Notebooks also declined because of a fall in average prices. PC manufacturers did not succeed in offering newer, more tactile models. Mediatablets also declined because of weakening promotional activity. The growth of gaming resulted in an increase in revenue in the mouse segment. With the extension of the Wi-Fi network and the emergence of mobile devices, repeaters recorded double-digit growth.

The telecommunications market increased by 20.1%*, compared to Q1 2014. Smartphones recorded double-digit growth in value thanks to the high-end flagship products launched by manufacturers, and their average price significantly increased. Mobile enhancement (especially powerbanks) also reported dynamic growth. Core wearables really started developing in Q1 2015, especially thanks to health and fitness trackers. As for smartwatches, there were few innovations and the market was focused on selling products already in stock.
* value without subsidies

Office equipment and consumables
The office equipment and consumables sector declined by 11.5% and reached a turnover of €540 million. This decrease was mainly due to consumables, especially inkjet and laser cartridges. In spite of the decline in sales of printing devices, the multifunctional devices (MFD) segment was dynamic. Inkjet MFDs registered growth and sales of laser MFDs rose, thanks to a significant price drop.

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