Mini-thermostat with integrated connector


Euroswitch presents the new mini-thermostat 525, with an integrated connector, designed for use in numerous fields of industry, including lubrication, heat exchangers and motors.


The mini-thermostat with an integrated connector is the result of the long-term experience acquired by Euroswitch R&D divisions and was conceived to meet the request from various customers looking for a product able to perform the same functions as other bimetal thermostats included in the catalogue, but of smaller dimensions to suit operating conditions in line with the increasing demand for miniaturisation. Among the most noteworthy technical specifications are the body key measuring just 22mm, and the available electrical connections, with an AMP Junior Power Timer and M12x1 connector. Other features include -Brass body (stainless steel on request), NO or NC control, 25-110°C temperature switching range at 5°C intervals, 7/13K differential, Switching tolerance +5K, IP65 and IP67 protection class (depending on the connector).