Controlling the electrical load switching on


HA07_P&C_GECATM1 is a digital time switch proposed by Geca able to control the switching on/off of an electrical load. Stylish and with user friendly programming, it combines the reliability deriving from almost 30 years of experience with the structural care of made in Italy products, adding the certainty of a good 7-years warranty to all that.

Thanks to the simple daily or weekly programming, it is possible to set the programme intuitively by means of the two pushbuttons equipping the instrument and the backlit graphic display on which it is visualized. The two programming typologies allow adapting the operation time of the instruments according to the effective need and besides implementing an energy saving system. TM1 allows a maximum number of 100 switchovers and a minimum intervention of 1 min.

230Vca 50-60 Hz power supply, DIN 3 module bar, 2 output channels, 1 exchange relay 16(4)A.