“Sartorial” ability for Sabaf’s special burners


FLAT - R inox - CopiaA production flexibility similar to that of a tailor characterizes the Sabaf’s special burners that stand out for design, technological know-how and power. The Quadro burner, for example, has a particular and unusual line, result of a careful research into design and attention to detail. The double ring Torch burner was born, instead, to meet the needs of the Asian markets. The special brass flame-spreader allows the vertical evolution of the flame, like a torch, getting an Immagine 051optimal cooking of the food according to the Asian culinary tradition. For the American market, Sabaf has developed the Simmer burners (or Dual Stacked): these products have an excellent ratio between minimum and maximum power (from 1,000 to 18,000 BTU), allowing to get very low and medium-high temperatures from a single burner. Finally, the Flat model was created for built-in hobs of high-end sector in Europe. It stands out for the high visual impact, its minimalist lines and for the reduction of the visible parts.