A database for high efficiency electrical transformers


sito trasformatoriStarting from this month, the electrical transformers placed on the market are obliged to comply with maximum limits of no-load losses and load losses in relation to the rated power of the transformer. The recent European Commission’s regulation on energy efficiency (EU/548/2014) has established this. In Italy, ENEA (Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), in cooperation with the Electrical Transformers Group of ANIE Energy, has created a specific website (http://trasformatori.enea.it/en/) which aims to bring together in a systematic way the products that comply with the regulation. The manufacturers can upload to the site the compliance statements and the test reports for each type of transformer, making them available to market players. ENEA also ensures the regularity of the information, doing verifications. “For manufacturers, the website is a certified showcase where they can present their products; for potential buyers, it is a place that allows them to better orient themselves in the market by checking features and compliance of the products”, said Ilaria Bertini, head of the Analysis Unit and Evaluation of Systems for energy efficiency at ENEA. The website dedicated to transformers follows the website dedicated to the high efficiency electrical motors (http://motorielettrici.enea.it/en/).