Trend of major appliance sector worldwide


csil major appliancesCsil, centre for industrial studies, has published a survey entitled “Profiles of 50 major appliance manufacturers worldwide”. This report ranks 50 appliance manufacturers selected according to their volume of sales: the total turnover of the analyzed companies is worth around 920 billion euro. According to the survey, considering a subgroup of major appliances including refrigerators and freezers, washers and dryers, dishwashers, hoods, cooking appliances, the world trade amounts to around USD 44 billion in 2014, equal to about 350 million units. On the basis of the sample of the top appliances manufacturers, CSIL estimates a growing trend for the appliances market. In the period 2009-2014, worldwide market has increased thanks to the performances in America and Asia. Also EBITDA is growing during the last three years period, from 8.6% up to 9.9%. During the period 2010-2014, the five major exporting countries of major appliances were China, Poland, Germany, Turkey and Mexico. In particular, China has increased its exports from about 9,000 million dollar to more than 12,000 million dollar in 2014.

csil grafico 1The ranking of 50 companies includes holding companies where major appliances represent just a one digit share of the total turnover (e.g. 4% in GE Industrial, 6% in Samsung, 3% in Hitachi); specialized companies, with an incidence of major appliances on the total turnover in excess of 80% (Whirlpool, Electrolux, BSH, Arçelik); and companies with two or more relevant business units, where major appliances represent 30%-60% (Haier, Chunlan, Nortek, Franke, Aga). The analysis includes global players and “regional leaders” (Amica, CNA Group, Gorenje, Dacor, Arcelik, Vestel, Smeg, and others). Some companies have developed an international presence in specific segments (Aga Foodservice in the bakery segment, Gree, Daikin and Chunlan for air conditioners). Considering the country of the headquarters, 12 companies are Chinese, 7 Japanese, 7 Americans, 5 Italians, 12 of other European countries (including Turkey), 5 from South Korea and India.

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