Abanico special filter for Elica’s L-Original


L_Original_02It has a technological heart encased in an original design. The L-Original filtering hood by Elica is equipped with the innovative Cyclone friction technology which allows to achieve high filtration performances. As communicated by the company, laboratory tests on the system’s hydrodynamics show that the special Abanico fan filter reaches levels of efficiency greater than 90% in grease removal. The long-life activated charcoal filter, which can be regenerated for up to 5 years, traps all cooking odours. In addition, the ergonomic structure of L-Original makes cleaning extremely simple. With the Automatic Refresh programme, L-Original re-circulates the air in the room in 10 minutes and then switches itself off automatically. The efficient engine provides energy savings of 50% compared to a conventional hood. The LEDs provide optimal illumination of the cooking hob, with a life of up to 10 times that of conventional lamps and an energy saving of 70%.