Single pole thermostat


HA08_P&C_CAEMC.A.E.M., operating since 1966 and certified ISO 9001:2008 and OSAS 18001:2007, is specialized in the production of capillary thermostats and sensing elements.

Caem, always very active in the field of research and experimentation, has recently introduced a new control, the TU HC. This device, new entry of the TU series, is a single pole thermostat that can be used with a load of 30 AMPS at 250 V ac.

Moreover, the TU HC can directly be installed with power heaters up to 7500 W without relay or contactors. This is a remarkable feature, considering that the limit of other products on the market is of only 4000 W (16 AMPS).

Actually, this limit had already been largely overcome by another Caem device, prior to the TU HC, that could withstand up to 5000 W (20 AMPS). The introduction of the TU HC in the market has definitely determined the gap between Caem technology and the competitors’ solutions. This control has been confirmed by the approvals received by prestigious quality marks as UL and ENEC according to the rules EN60730 and UL60730.

About the connections of the TU HC, it will be possible to choose between screw terminals or quick electric connection terminals.

The available temperature ranges for this thermostat are: from -35 °C up to +400 °C for the adjustables and from +50 °C up to +400 °C for the fix setting with automatic reset and the safety with manual reset.

Obviously, as for all the TU series controls, also the TU HC is available in the versions with copper capillary and bulb or, on request, in stainless steel with different lengths.

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