Double ring HEO burners


bruciatore sabaf HEOSabaf has recently started at its new factory in China the production of HEO burners, dedicated to the local market and South East Asia. These products have a linear design and easily adapt to all products, meeting the needs of every type of cooking, as they combine in the same product powers from 0.3 kW up to 6kW. In addition, the double ring HEO burners are compliant with the new Chinese standards (which have recently introduced a labeling for hobs similar to the European one) and they reach the highest level of efficiency established by these standards, allowing company’s customers to label the hobs at level 1 (greater or equal to an efficiency of 63%). The burners have two concentric rings of flames, which allow a better distribution of the heat and ensure uniformity of cooking. The injector holder cup is available, with the same blank, in two versions: with a double entrance (with air from above and from below) or with a single entrance (air from above only). The HEO version is characterized by the perforated brass flame-spreaders and is available in three different dimensions and powers.