South-Korean ascent in semiconductors


HA10_WSGO_INTELAccording to almost definitive data, issued by single companies, the weight of South-Korean groups is more and more rising among the 5 major producers of semiconductors.

In 2015, the United States Intel still ranked first, with a specific turnover of 50.3 billion US dollars, however lower by 2% than 2014-year’s. On the contrary, the South-Korean Samsung, even remaining second in the ranking, scored the 10% growth, reaching 41.6 billions. The third place is held by the Taiwanese TSMC with 26.6 billions and the 6% growth. In its turn, the South-Korean SK Hynix conquered the fourth place, with 16.9 billions and the 4% rise, surpassing the United States Qualcomm, which dropped to 15.6 billions, with the relevant – 19% downturn.