A zero-release process for alimentary use metals


Figura_ZepanProcessed by the galvanic Anelotti Oreste srl in collaboration with the laboratories Galvanofinish srl, Z.E.P.AN.  is a Nsf-51-certified metal treatment that allows eliminating Nickel, Lead and Chromium contained on the inner surface of parts, in full compliance with metal release limits established by European, American and Australian regulations. Welding process, it is the solution devised to conform to the very strict regulations adopted by Western Countries to protect consumers against the release of very toxic metals, considered with high risk of carcinogenicity and genetic mutation. With Z.E.P.AN., in fact, we completely eliminate the phenomenon of contamination of drinking waters and foods, complying with the regulations of the main nations. Such process allows replacing the nickel-and chrome-plating phase, even preserving the brightness of the deposition, the resistance to corrosion and completely eliminating, as already underlined, the release of Nickel, Lead and Chromium in contact with drinking water and foods. The principle on which it is grounded is innovative, because it is based on the deposition of non-toxic alimentary products that have no impact kind in the typology of drinking water distributed to users. All items treated, subjected to various control tests of heavy metal release, have successfully passed the test, always providing values widely under the requested limits. In any case, thanks to the collaboration of Anelotti Oreste srl with Galvanofinish srl company, it is always possible to carry out release tests at one of the four laboratories in the headquarters at San Maurizio d’Opaglio (NO), following the Nsf, AS 4020, Nkb, Din 10531, Uni 11460 methods and others, according to specific needs. Moreover, it is possible to execute tests of resistance to corrosion, measurements of the deposition thickness and metallographic tests on materials that will get in contact with drinking water and foods.