Automatic moulding of connectors


HA02_ENGELThe component to be manufactured is a connector for adjustment engines, a metal-plastic compound with two copper contacts with different shape, integrated, by overmoulding, in a 3.5-gram body made of PA 6.6 GF30.

In a single process, they execute the shearing and the bending of metal contacts, the component overmoulding and the quality control on all parts produced with cameras. The production unit includes the shearing and the bending of two different metal inserts and the injection moulding of the plastic body. The mould, designed and implemented by OCSA, has 12 cavities with hot lateral direct injection runner supplied by the specialist Ewikon. The cycle time is 12 pieces every 24 seconds.

The used injection machine is Engel Insert V 200/45 XS without columns, with clamping force of 45 tons, vertical injection and clamping, equipped with 900 mm-diameter rotary table, with two alternate rotation stations. The press is equipped with ENGEL Ecodrive servodrive that allows reducing consumptions up to 70 percent. Thanks to the small sizes of the press and of the rotary table, OCSA managed to implement a production unit that, even if automated by 2 SCARA robots for the insert feeding and by 2 anthropomorphic ones for the mould loading and unloading, has very small overall dimensions.