Plastic surface decoration


HA06_kitchen display

“Widescreen” multipurpose monitors with sinuous lines, aesthetically coordinated with the opaque anodized, or polished black, metal of the furniture; ovens that hide soft-touch controls inside a panel with backlit effect vacuum cleaners with shining colour and futuristic design that, when not in use, becomes a furnishing item. It might be the description of objects worthy of some sequences of a science fiction movie, instead they are some of the aesthetical and functional characteristics that household and industrial appliances can boast already today, thanks to the application of Kurz foils, represented in Italy by the exclusive agent and distributor Luxoro srl.

The plastic decoration allows obtaining surfaces with the same aesthetics as chrome, aluminium, brass, gold, wood, carbon or enriching it with graphic patterns, brushing, optical, polished, opaque or three-dimensional effects. “We are experiencing consumers’ growing demand for constantly new aesthetical solutions”, comments Fabio Raviolo, Sales Manager of Luxoro. “Kurz punctually provides answers with solutions that permit to implement products in line with the market expectations. Pushbuttons and switches of the control panel or entire panels, frames and outer components or, moreover, metallized and coloured drawers and accessories, with various visual and touch effects or ultra-shining shades”. The decoration application can be implemented with different technologies:

  • Hot stamping: decoration in 1 step. Suitable for flat or slightly shaped surfaces. It allows a relatively simple and cheap decoration in the majority of cases.
  • Inmold labelling: decoration in 1 step. Suitable for flat surfaces or with slight 3D deformations. High output: the piece is shaped and simultaneously decorated during the injection process.
  • 3DHS: decoration in 1 step. Ideal for surfaces with moderate 3D geometries. It allows a relatively simple and cheap decoration in the majority of cases.
  • IMD/IMD-Pro: decoration in 1 step. Effective to decorate surfaces with more complex 3D geometries compared to 3DHS®. It allows very precise decorations.
  • Insert molding: decoration in 3 steps. Optimal solution to decorate surfaces with notable 3D deformations. Especially suitable for the decoration of wide surfaces; in some cases the partial decoration is possible.

HA06_Luxoro_Still_005The plastic metamorphosis is not limited to the only decoration and, thanks to Kurz, it is enriched with functions as well. The sophisticated conductive foils, produced in collaboration with PolyIC, company of Kurz Group, allow integrating touch screens and surfaces inside the decorated areas. Therefore, it is possible to implement control panels that allow the activation of the functions of a household appliance with a simple grazing of a hand or of a finger (multi touch and single touch foil). The panel surfaces remain perfectly harmonized with the appliance aesthetics, decorated by a foil with chromed-polished, brushed, satin finished effect or still with a graphic decoration hiding, behind them, the real household appliance controls. Mechanical switches and pushbuttons will become a memory of the past, to leave room for the new frontier of the functional decoration by Kurz. Luxoro is exclusive distributor for Italy of foils and ennobling clichés by Kurz Group.