KitchenAid presents the induction cooking-wells


kitchenaid_vasche-di-cottura-a-induzione_ambientataKitchenAid presents the induction cooking-wells, an innovative system that takes inspiration from the professional appliances sector. The product is characterized by 2 induction cooking zones (400 W for each zone) with electronic control at 9 power levels. The system provides 5 different cooking functions: steam, water-boiling, low temperature, oil-frying, roasted food. The induction cooking-wells combine the typical oven technology with the induction, allowing the user to experiment with different cooking techniques at home. The product ensures optimal heat distribution – without any dispersion – and a perfect temperature control: in particular, it is possible to precisely adjust the intensity of the heat even at low temperatures, maintaining a constant heat during the set time. The device is equipped with indicators for power level, residual heat and the cooking time. In addition, also the accessories (baskets for frying and steaming, pasta pot and the ergonomic glass lid) have been inspired by the kitchens of the best restaurants.