Smeg launches the 50’s collection juicer



Smeg launches the new citrus juicer that enriches the 50’s collection and is characterized by rounded lines and vintage style. The product combines design, reliability and high performances: with this small appliance, Smeg confirms its vocation to aesthetics and functionality, to create true icons of style. The juicer is available in a wide variety of colors: pastel colors (cream, pastel blue, pink and pastel green) and, in addition, black and red (more passionate and modern). Smeg’s juicer has a 70 W powerful motor, with integrated on-off sensor, a bowl for the juice and an anti-drip spout that allows to stop the juice spill to avoid soiling the kitchen. Besides, the appliance is easy to use and clean, and is built with high quality materials such as stainless steel, anti-corrosive materials and the innovative Triatan which does not release spores in the juice.


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