Faber received the Innovation Award at Smau


Faber received a prize for the innovation in Bologna (Italy) during the Smau trade fair, an event dedicated to the innovation and the digital world. The company was awarded for the J-Project open source hood. This product represents the state of the art of Faber technology: it is a vertical hood that, thanks to the new Nautilus diffuser with very small dimensions, achieves the highest performances in the energy efficiency, bringing in class A products that would normally be in class C. In addition, the hardware architecture – the heart of the hood – is fully integrable with the Arduino platform and therefore it is totally open source. Thanks to this platform, user can cook and, at the same time, do other things like controlling the domestic pollution, the carbon monoxide levels in the home, or adjusting the humidity. Besides, the consumer can read news from the Internet or a video recipe, and so on. The hood integrates a Smart Citizen Kit (SCK) module, equipped with a variety of sensors, and has a large smart display. Faber Tech’s engineers have developed a Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows the users’ community to do modifications in order to meet any need. J-Project can be customized not only by adding sensors, but also by adding apps and algorithms that allow the hood to interact with the user to improve the everyday life.