The RISCO Group survey on the smart home


RISCO Group, a company operating in the security market, has involved the Italian users in a survey that confirms the growth potential of the smart home in Italy: 64.4% of respondents know the smart home and 20% already have at least one smart device at home. In addition, 10.2% of Italian consumers intend to purchase smart and connected objects in the next 2 years and 42% are willing to invest between 1,000 and 5,000 euros to make their home safer, smart, and more comfortable thanks to the technology. The research shows that only a small percentage of Italians (1.9%) do not intend to connect the home objects. Among the main hesitations, there are high costs (47%), fear of malfunctions (41%) and fear of hackers (37%).
In addition, the fear of invasive interventions at home is often an hesitation among the Italian consumers (30.9%), but this situation can be overtook if the consumer has a security system already connected to the cloud: this allows to enrich – also over the years – the previously installed solutions with new services. As regards to the benefits that the smart home can offer, the security is confirmed first (79%), followed by the reduction of consumptions (42%), the home comfort (41.5%), and the remote management of accesses (31%) and household appliances (28.7%). Besides, the smart home helps save time for about one-quarter of the Italians. As regards to the preferred solutions, 66% of respondents consider fundamental to receive notifications and remotely manage the home. Other important features are the ease of use (54.1%) and flexibility (36%), i.e. the opportunity to add elements to the installed solution.
RISCO Group proposes the Smart Home solution for a safe, smart and connected home and is constantly working to enrich it with new features. The company recently released a new module for the remote management of roller shutters, offering the user the opportunity to interact directly from its smartphone with the iRISCO app. The company also created the website for the end users, with several features and benefits (for example easy research of a certified security expert near home and a blog on RISCO’s news and advices on security and smart home. In addition, a special section of the site allows the user to configure the most suitable security system to its needs based on the type of the home.