Stratasys: webinar on 3D printing


On December 14th, Stratasys, global protagonist in the applied additive technology solutions, organizes the webinarStratasys 3D printing: materials and technologies to increase companies’ productivity”. During the webinar Niccolò Giannelli, Technical Consultant at Stratasys EMEA, will present Stratasys’ professional solutions for the additive production. He will explain which materials are best suited to the different applications. The webinar will talk about prototyping, improving and efficiency of the production through the 3D printing of finished products in an economical and fast way without sacrificing accuracy and quality. Besides, some examples of companies using Stratasys’ 3D printing will be shown and the obtained benefits will be presented. In 45 minutes the participants will be guided in the analysis of the additive production solution that best suits their needs. The webinar will end with a session of questions and answers.

The event is scheduled for December 14th from 9.30 am to 10.15 am.

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