Ariston Thermo and Elica hosted the WCM Awards 2017 ceremony


Ariston Thermo and Elica have hosted the WCM Awards 2017 ceremony, a prestigious international event held every two years – previous editions took place in Biesko Biala (Poland) and Detroit (USA) – during which have been awarded the excellences of the World Class Manufacturing methodology in several companies and manufacturing plants worldwide. The event was held in Fabriano, Marche Region, that for one day has been the world center of manufacturing innovation, demonstrating the key role of productive excellence of the region in Italy. The World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is a methodology introduced in the FCA Group in 2005 and inspired by the lean manufacturing measurements, offering an integrated system of standardized tools for the production lines’ management, aimed at allowing a constant improvement in terms of productivity, security, environmental performance and employees’ training. Afterwards, FCA founded the WCM Association, which Ariston Thermo and Elica have joined since the early years, and which later has welcomed many international companies from different manufacturing sectors. During the event, the awards won by the plants of the WCM Program member companies in the last two years have been assigned: 1 gold, 22 silver and 51 bronze medals, in addition to the “Special Awards” WCE, WCL, Prototype and Suppliers. The Ariston Thermo plant of Osimo, having won the World Class Manufacturing bronze medal together with the plant of Arcevia, as well as the plant FIME Elica motors division of Castelfidardo, have been the sites selected to discovering the WCM methodology. In addition, FCA held an exhibition showing its own process innovations and the WCM Academy’s excellences at PalaBaldinelli in Osimo. The methodology is currently ongoing in 13 Ariston Thermo plants and 4 Elica plants. “We are honored to have hosted this prestigious event – said Paolo Merloni, Executive Chairman of Ariston Thermo -. Being selected to organize the WCM Awards is the tangible sign of our growth and improvement path, the respect by the Association and the solid reputation which, thanks to the joint commitment, Ariston Thermo has been able to gain worldwide over the years”. “Through this event – adds Francesco Casoli, Chairman of Elica – we have been able to put our territory at the heart of the world’s highest excellence industry for a whole day. The top managers of FCA, Unilever, Royal Mail and many other companies have appreciated what coming from the Marche Region means. I am very honored and I feel great responsibility to have been appointed President of the WCM Association by these companies and my friend Paolo Merloni. The demonstration we are appreciated for our history, our products and, most of all, the commitment towards our future”.