Ecodom collected more than 100,000 tons of WEEE in 2017

Giorgio Arienti, general manager of Ecodom.

The Ecodom consortium collected 104,614 tons of WEEE in 2017. In particular, 61.7% of the materials are represented by washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, hoods, electric heaters, boilers, microwaves (R2 group) and 37.4% by refrigerators, freezers, major domestic appliances for refrigeration, conservation and food storage (R1 group). “This is an important milestone for Ecodom, which since 2008 has continued to improve its activity not only in terms of WEEE collected, more than tripled compared to ten years ago, but also with regard to the recycling of secondary raw materials, that today stands at 88% – said Giorgio Arienti, general manager of Ecodom -. These results are also possible thanks to the collaboration of all the involved actors, from the citizens to the local authorities, from the urban hygiene companies to the retailers, from our logistics suppliers to those of treatment”.


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