R Dispenser series


The valve of the R Dispenser series is available in two versions: 2 IN (inputs) and 1 OUT (output) or 3 IN and 1 OUT, and can be used with liquids at different temperatures.

Its applications find space in the market of the dispensers of drinks, fruit juices, in the dispensers of hot water, boilers and so on.

It is a useful product to reduce the numbers of tubes, fittings and connection points, meanwhile permitting to prevent dispersions or losses among the various components.

The valve is made of high-quality materials, it features simple maintenance and high resistance.

Here are some technical and operational features: valve body of PA 66-30% glass fibre; NBR or LSR membrane; stainless steel core; F class coil (155”); operation pressure from 0.2 to 10 bars; environment temperature 60 °C; fluid temperature Tm 25 °C-Tm 60 °C-100%, Tm 90 °C (3 ON-5 OFF); orifice: ND 10 mm; operation: normally open, bistable, or normally closed; fluid direction: unidirectional with CV 7.39 L/min; electric connections: Fast-on 6.3 x 0.8 mm, single-pole cables max 5000 mm, two-pole cable max 5000 mm. Produced by RPE.



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