New Miele G 7000 with PowerDisk


Miele has presented at IFA its G 7000 dishwasher with innovative features. In particular, the PowerDisk is easily and quickly fitted in a receptacle on the inner face of the door and dispenses detergent by rotating automatically during the programme. It is around 15 cm in diameter and just under 4 cm thick, and releases a defined quantity of powder granulate into the chamber with each 360° turn. The system automatically dispenses precisely the amount of detergent needed in a specific programme. Particularly in the Automatic programme, dispensing is geared to the degree of soiling which is monitored by a sensor. Consequently, more is dispensed to deal with heavy soiling and about a quarter less for light soiling. In “Normal 60°C”, a PowerDisk lasts 20 cycles, which corresponds to a month’s requirements based on typical domestic use. The powder granulate, which dissolves fast, contains special enzymes for an effective wash, even at low temperatures, as well as active oxygen for deep cleaning and freshness, and protection factors for silver and glassware. Rinse aid and salt are also included. Besides, all G 7000 models with AutoDos are WiFi-enabled and can be controlled via an app from a mobile device or, depending on the country, even via Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant Alexa. This allows users to start and stop their G 7000 from anywhere, activate programmes and options from their smartphones, check levels (with an automatic reminder) and even order detergent online. Finally, a completely redesigned water circuit is aimed at preserving natural resources, bringing water consumption down to as little as 6 l and raising energy efficiency to A+++ minus 10%.