Sabaf reaches the milestone of 500 million burners


Sabaf celebrates an important milestone: the Italian company produced overall 500 million burners. All started in the Eighties when Sabaf patented and began the production of the gas burner with radial Venturi. This innovation was destined to revolutionize the domestic-cooking market, allowing a considerable reduction in the cooking appliances depth and therefore the capillary diffusion of the built-in hobs. In order to reach this milestone, Sabaf focused on a continuous renewal of machinery (adopting advanced solutions to guarantee maximum productivity, efficiency and effectiveness) and on the importance of the human resources. The company started with the Series 1 burners, arriving today at the 6 PL Series, passing through special solutions such as double and triple ring burners, fish kettle burners etc. In the mid-Nineties the Series 2 burners were introduced on the market. These products, inspired by the automotive sector, use a modular system where, on the same cup, it is possible to mount flame-spreaders and lids with different materials, aesthetics and colors. This allows producers to diversify, at almost no cost, the aesthetics of their production. Besides, Sabaf (which invests about 3% of its turnover in R&D every year) patented its first hermetic triple ring burner initially dedicated to the domestic market. “500 million is an incredible number – says Pietro Iotti, CEO of Sabaf -. We thank all our employees, workers, researchers and all those who with great commitment and passion have made this result possible. For us quality is always at the first place but, only for this time, it’s worth celebrating also the quantity!”.


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