Candy launches the Smart Steam ovens


Candy launches the range of Smart Steam ovens that completes the company’s offer in the cooking segment. They are ovens “with added steam” that allow cooking in a healthy way, without sacrificing the taste: consumer only has to pour water into the specific cavity of the oven, activate one of the 3 “steam” functions and press a button to transform the liquid in steam. All Smart Steam ovens can count on the Candy Simply-Fi app which suggests recipes and offers recommendations. These products are easy to clean thanks to the “Aquactiva” hydrolytic cleaning system, already effective at 90°: thanks to the effect of hydrolysis, food residues become softer and make cleaning easier. The consumer has simply to pour 300 ml of distilled water into the oven cavity and heat it for 30 minutes; at the end of the program, the user can rub with a sponge to remove dirt. In addition, some models have a double cleaning system. The pyrolytic system is added to the hydrolysis system: in this case the temperature reaches 450°C and, at the end of the program, the user can remove the ash generated by the combustion with a damp cloth.