Whirlpool EMEA: five manufacturing sites passed successfully the WCM audit

Whirlpool manufacturing site at Cassinetta (Italy)

During the last quarter, five Whirlpool EMEA manufacturing sites (Naples, Wroclaw, Cassinetta, Lipetsk and Manisa plants) successfully passed their first World Class Manufacturing (WCM) audit, after having worked extensively to implement WCM methodology in their processes. World Class Manufacturing is a structured, rigorous and integrated methodology that covers every aspect of the company organization and is used uniformly in all Whirlpool plants worldwide. The goal is to bring factory injuries to zero, as well as reducing defects, failures, waste, and inventory to zero. This objective is achieved by improving daily work in production and processes and the qualitative performance of each individual employee. Improvement activities are measured by an audit system that assesses the level of implementation in each individual plant of the 10 “technical pillars” and 10 “managerial pillars” which constitute the backbone of WCM. The audits are carried out by qualified WCM Association auditors who proceed by applying the same evaluation criteria used in the other world class manufacturing factories. At the end of the audit, the plant receives an overall assessment, which ranges from zero to one hundred, calculated on the basis of the analysis of each single pillar.