Special finishes, technology and craftsmanship: Bertazzoni trends for 2019


Valentina Bertazzoni, Director of Style and Communication at Bertazzoni, has identified some trends not to be missed for 2019 kitchen design. The company combines high engineering skills with Italian design. This led to the creation of four new special finishes inspired by the Italian craftsmanship. Designers were inspired by the painting of the Italian luxury sports cars, by the metalworking and the powder finishes created by the Italian artisans, as well as by the traditional enamels of the Bertazzoni cookers of the mid-twentieth century. Each finish is combined with different series. The yellow, orange and red of the Bertazzoni freestanding cookers interpret the 2019 color trend. “Our Style Center carries out a continuous research on the Italian and international design trends, trying to interpret and declinate them according to the guidelines that characterize the Bertazzoni style. An example is the Bertazzoni automotive color palette, whose inspiration comes from the Emilia Region and the brilliant colors of the luxury sports cars produced there”, says Valentina Bertazzoni. Another trend is the multi-functional design: the Bertazzoni induction hobs stand out for their minimalist graphics and the ease of use. The touch controls allow user to operate up to nine cooking levels in addition to the Booster function to cook at full power.
The four cooking zones guarantee ample space and ease of movement of the pots thanks to the Flexi technology. The integrated extraction system adds an additional level of functionality and is available in two options: with the extraction positioned in the center of the hob or with a thin hood with automatic opening on the top of the hob.
Finally, the return of the glass for a minimalist style. The new Modern and Professional series by Bertazzoni express this trend. The induction hobs, as well as the “gas on glass” models, made of thermo-resistant tempered black glass, match the black crystal finish handles of the new Bertazzoni ovens of the Modern Series. Also the innovative Bertazzoni wall-mounted hoods with touch controls have the same finish.


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