Ilve Ultracombi, 3in1 oven


Ilve Ultracombi combines a hot air multifunction oven, a steam oven and a microwave oven in a single appliance. The product measures 60×45 cm: a compact solution, but able to offer high performances. The oven is characterized by high-density insulation, stainless steel muffle, tangential cooling fan and triple-glass cold door. Besides, the product is equipped with 9 cooking programs: Fan hot air, Grill, Fan grill, Microwave with 4 power settings (270W, 500W, 800W and 1000W) and Quick Start function, Steam (40°C to 100°C), Combi 1 (steam + hot air), Combi 2 (steam + microwave 270W to 500W), Combi 3 (hot air + microwave 270W to 500W) and Combi 4 (grill + microwave 500W to 800W).


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